How is Medavakkam the fastest growing place in Chennai?

Medavakkam Development

Apartments in Medavakkam have huge demands these days. The reason is Medavakkam emerges as the best development spot in Chennai. 

Studies confirmed that Medavakkam is the fastest developing place in Chennai at present.

Two reports from various international property consultants got a huge point. It shows the continued dominance of South Chennai as a hub for development. 

Knight Frank India got a great report about two localities in south-east Chennai. They are the prime residential investment spots. 

These two localities having a strong appreciation for the next several years

DTZ insights states about south suburb spots of Chennai. They mentioned these areas carry the best residential spots for upcoming years.

From these two reports, we can find that the spots Pallikaranai and Medavakkam. These two destinations are the prime spots in Chennai.

In this, Medavakkam stands alone as developing plans are carried out there very fast. So, residential investment in Medavakkam is the best choice for the present scenario.

Knight Frank is one of the top real estate dealers in the world. They reported in the year 2012, Medavakkam is one of the top six localities for investment. 

Now it is almost confirmed, the region has seen considerable growth over the last six decades.

So, investing for flats in Medavakkam is the best choice for people. Those who are looking for apartments in Medavakkam, it is the right time to invest.

Medavakkam is one place which has undergone a high demand in real estate. It is also a fast development with regards to real estate development. 

Today, Homebuyers are looking for best properties which do not cost them a fortune. 

Understanding their needs, real estate consultants in Chennai have developed areas in Medavakkam. That is not touched and undermined for long. 

Medavakkam has a drastic shift in regions of infrastructural development. Also in connectivity which has attracted many home buyers. 

Medavakkam provides amenities. Like entertainment complexes, schools, supermarkets and hospitals. These are available in closer proximity for a better living. 



Medavakkam is under Chennai Municipal jurisdiction. We saw that Medavakkam is the fastest developing residential hub in south Chennai.

Apart from this, there are many more opportunities to see. The location is close to IT of both Old Mahabalipuram Road. Also, close to the Special Economic Zone on Medavakkam Sholinganallur Road.

These things show the area has great potential to grow further.

Medavakkam is also close to other upcoming suburbs such as Ponmar,  and Otiyambakkam. 


Residential Hub

Medavakkam is going to be the largest residential hub in Chennai very soon. The reports already show that the property costs are increasing in Medavakkam.

We have already crossed why it is being a prime location. 

Let’s have a look at what are the other things make the location a great residential hub:

The main thing about the location is the best is how easy we can reach there.  Medavakkam is about thirty minutes or 13 km from Chennai International Airport. Location is only 6km away from Velachery train station.

Easy to reach the spot from these main halts make Medavakkam a great spot.

There are plenty of Amenities. Amenities like schools, colleges, health care, shopping, and entertainment options.

For the best residential spots, we choose the primary availability of hospitals.    

Hoscons HealthCare, V Cure Hospital, and Annai Theresa. These are the best-known hospitals in Chennai. And these well-known hospitals situated around Medavakkam.

Supermarkets and other daily need shops also made the location a good spot.  Heritage Fresh, Nilgiris, City Supermarket and more supermarkets are here.

This is why apartments in Medavakkam have a high demand. The report states the rates of flats in Medavakkam increasing high.

So, if you want to settle down at appreciate spots or look for the best apartments in Chennai. We direct you to apartments in Medavakkam, which are your best choice.

This is why builders in Chennai are concentrating more on Medavakkam. Shirdi shelters have many apartments and flats in and around Medavakkam. Our upcoming projects are also in the Medavakkam area.

Now, your best choice is to buy one of the apartments in Medavakkam for yourself to settle down. We provide the best apartments in Medavakkam as your future house.


Education Facilities

Education facilities are the next most important thing. People will check if the area has reputed educational organizations.

In Medavakkam, we can find colleges, schools and better education facilities. 

Some are,

Netaji Vidyalam, St John’s Medavakkam, and Christ The King Matriculation Higher Secondary School 

Also, some more famous colleges are,

New Prince Shri Bhavani College of Engineering, The Quaide Milleth College for Men


Employment Opportunities

 Wider roads connecting to the heart of the town are a terrific attraction. This helps many individuals who’d love to commute to the city once in a while. 

Young professionals want to stay closer to their workplace. They have found their ideal residential hub. 

Medavakkam is located next to the technology hallway.  It provides houses catering to the demands of singletons, couples and even families. 

Chennai Real Estate Market is one of the fastest developing realty arenas in India.

The above reasons confirm why Medavakkam is the upcoming big thing in Chennai. 

As we already discussed,

Medavakkam lies between the IT hub and SEZ. Medavakkam is also close to Sholinganallur, so inhabitants can make good use of SEZ. They can also find employment opportunities in IT parks there.

Employees from Ford Global, HCL, Tech Mahindra and others also choose Medavakkam. Apartments in Medavakkam filled with those people. Reason is this: Medavakkam is the best spot for their house.



People always want to locate at the best place. From the above studies, we find the right place. Now we know how  Medavakkam is the fastest growing place in Chennai.

Easy to reach location,

Educational facilities,


Employability spots,

Shops and entertainments

These make the location very appreciated. 

So, apartments in Medavakkam have a huge demand. The location Medavakkam has pretty benefits. The area will develop as fast as now in the next many years.

As the development progresses very fast, Medavakkam is being a Mini Chennai.

 This is why properties in Medavakkam are good in demand. The true thing is the cost will get high in upcoming years.

If you are looking to settle down at one of the top areas in Chennai, Medavakkam is the choice. It is a perfect time for buying a property there.

Nearby IT hub, famous shops, all primary facilities make the location the best choice.

This is the reason, Medavakkam is the fastest growing place in Chennai.

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