Why are Apartments in Medavakkam Best Choice?

Apartments in Medavakkam Best Choice

Studies confirm that apartments in Medavakkam have good demand and better choice. If you are in Chennai and plan to set up your home at a good location, you can have a look here.

Are you planning to buy your future home? Then you already did some searches about this. ‘Best apartments,’ ‘apartments at an affordable price,’ and much more.

If you live in Chennai, this blog may help you much more on this subject. This may be familiar to you. Everyone does a feasibility analysis of the location where they plan to set up their home.

Medavakkam is one of the top 5 desired residential hubs in Chennai. 

30% of the total of Chennai’s residential real estate stock sold in the last two years. 

Let’s see which are those locations. These locations live at the two main spots. 

One is the Pallikaranai Medavakkam stretch of 3-4 km. 

Another one is Medavakkam- Sholinganallur stretch of 4-5 km. 

These things show apartments in Medavakkam have great demand.

Here, we can see why apartments in Medavakkam are the best choice? Of course, it is because of the specifications of the location. Let’s see some of them.


Medavakkam is an Easy to Reach Location


Medavakkam will be a beautiful place to stay in. It’s connected with the city and its suburbs. It’s easy to reach Velacherry, Tambaram, and Solinganallur for there. It is the centre of all these three places. 

Additionally, you can reach any place within the city from there as it’s in the significant bus route. OMR and ECR are accessible at a very short distance from Medavakkam. 

Software professionals are working in places like OMR, Soliganallur, and Siruseri. Each one of these places is accessible from Medavakkam. 

Most of the Engineering colleges in Chennai are located nearby Medavakkam. The same thing is seen in the case of schools too. All the schools in OMR are reachable from Medavakkam. 

Medavakkam was never harmed by flooding in 2008, 2015 or 16. Many misunderstandings are happening in this news. If you heard Medavakkam damaged in flood, It might be about Pallikaranai or Perumbakkam.


All Available Amenities

Medavakkam is in Tambaram. A rural place was full of essential amenities that fit the urban location in Chennai. Like Perambur and Mogappair. 

Medavakkam is surrounded by schools including Matriculations and CBSE. 

Some of the reputed schools in Medavakkam are located in Medavakkam area. Those are: 

Christ The King Matriculation Higher Secondary school, 

Velammal New-Gen CBSE school, 

Windows Vista Billabong High International School and 

Narayana e techno CBSE School. 

Medavakkam has easy access to the main three roads of Chennai. Those roads are:

Perumbakkam main road, 

Grand southern trunk road, and 

Velachery primary road. 

Through these roads, you can reach all the prime places in Chennai. Like Velachery, Tambaram, Porur, and Guindy in limited time. 

SEZ in Sholinganallur situated very near to Medavakkam bus stop. Almost a distance of 6 KM only. Special Economic Zone integrates multinational companies such as WIPRO, HCL, CTS, and Sutherland. 

This land space is spread over 377.08 acres. SEZ offers employment opportunities for at least a lakh of individuals. It’s also one of the biggest IT hubs in Chennai. 

Some excellent restaurants in Chennai like Anjappar and Sangeetha found in Medavakkam. Many Italian, European, and Chinese restaurants also located in and around Medavakkam. 

Hospitals are Abundant in and around Medavakkam location. It is because of the rise in the number of inhabitants in the nearby places. Those Places are Perumbakkam, Karapakkam, Sholinganallur, and Medavakkam locations. 

You can find right from ortho hospitals to speciality hospitals. You can get all sorts of the hospitals in this location, that is comparable to an urban area. 

There are available entertainment facilities. Parks, playgrounds, indoor gaming centres, and stadiums. All are nearby Medavakkam. 

Many malls, theatres, and entertainment parks located within a 15 km radius of Medavakkam. Also, parlours and fitness centres situated nearby Medavakkam itself.


Rapid Developing Place

Chennai’s real estate market is one of the great developing arenas in India. Investors Have All Eyes on the real estate market in Chennai. And this time, it has never been this high before. 

Chennai’s real estate marketplace pushed by end consumers. Think you are Deciding on changing to Medavakkam. Here are some highlights of its locality. 

As we saw above-mentioned things, you can understand a fair view of Medavakkam. 

This area is never going to stop surprising you. It amalgamates the development of the area while keeping the beauty of nature. 

Most of the investors have an eye on apartments in Medavakkam. 

This happens because Medavakkam is already developing faster. 

The roads, IT hubs, Residential hubs all things have an account for this. Medavakkam affords all these, and development is still happening.

So, all these states that are having apartments in Chennai will be a huge benefit. Even the resale value will be high.


Medavakkam Named as Mini Chennai 

Medavakkam is one of the primary spots in Chennai. The development that has happened in recent years has done the job. Also, there are enormous chances for more constructions. 

It’s currently lying right in the centre of the IT hallway of Chennai.

This area has a growth in the number of wide roads.

The Metro rail work is yet to start and it is a fast progressing process. Phase II includes Medavakkam. So, Medavakkam is going to connect with Metro rail track too.

Apart from this, Velachery prime road meets Medavakkam flyover. This flyover is under construction.

The social infrastructure has developed from the region in the last five years. There are many amenities in the area. It includes educational facilities, hospitals, and entertainment centres in the area. 

We have already seen that the schools and hospitals in and around Medavakkam. These are all in reachable distance from Medavakkam.

There is a rise in workspaces and retail outlets in this region. 

This shows that the area is becoming a residential hub and it is keep growing. Several F&BS, tiny businesses and fashion have spaces in the area.



As we have seen, Medavakkam is the best spot for your home. So this is the best reason apartments in Medavakkam are the best choice. 

People choose to locate in a place where they got access to everything. Like this is how Chennai is a magnificent city in India. 

So, why Medavakkam got the name Mini Chennai? It developed up to the mark. Also, the chances of growing the place are very high. Development works is going rapidly.

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