Water Supply

Aware of Water Supply is Essential if you Buy a Home in a City like Chennai

It is important to be aware of the water supply before you buy a home. Especially in a city like Chennai, it is very important. Then only you can assure you can use water without any interference.

Many builders are aware of water usage and how to provide water without any interruption. This is important. That is why you have to approach the right builders before you buy a home.

They will provide water from a good resource and are also ready to use alternate options. They are also bothered about water management.

So, if you are buying an apartment you have to choose the right builders for the smooth water supply at your home. Water supply at your home is not enough. You also need to check they are aware of water management.

To manage water, it is necessary to adopt all the water conservation methods. It is important to reduce the usage of water. Also, we have to be aware of reuse opportunities. Then, we have to set up a recycling method. By ensuring these things we can save water and use enough for ourselves.

The main thing is approaching the right builder for your future home. They will ensure water supply and management methods. This will guide you to manage your home without running out of water.


Source of Water Supply

In old times, everyone lived in rural areas. There will be the availability of water from rivers and local wells. There were fewer chances of running out of water. The only thing is to supply water to home is a little difficult work all the time.

Now, people used to stay in towns and urban areas. There are evolving apartments and residential hubs. People approach public water supply systems for their daily lives.

Water supply at home is a question these days. For large apartments and residential hubs, it has been a problem. There are chances to run out of the water on summer days in cities like Chennai.

This is why you have to be aware of the water supply at your apartment. The right builder gives you a clear view of their resources. They will also guide you for the water-saving methodologies. They also install the equipment that helps you to save water.

Wastewater recycling methods are also the responsibility of the right builders. These things assure you of smooth water supply at your home.

If you are buying a home, be aware of these things. The supply of water at the apartments. Where exactly the water resource. Also, you have to be bothered about alternative water supply methods.

An experienced builder in Chennai gives you a transparent picture of these things. This gives you an awareness of the water supply at your future home.


Availability of Water Meters

Now, you are already aware of the source of water supply at home. Also, you are aware of the alternate water supply options. The next thing to consider if there is an option to measure water consumption.

It is important. Because the first step of conservation needs accurate measurement of usage. Then only you will be aware of the wastage of water.

The right builder in Chennai provides individual water meters for individual flats. This helps you to determine the usage of water at your home alone. This also helps to find out the wastage of water and can take necessary actions.

It helps to save plenty of water at very large apartments. The builders are aware of it. They install this for the very best usage of water. This helps them to fix the water wastage and this helps you for water management.

The builders are also aware of installing pipes in the best manner. This can measure the usage of water in individual apartments. This will help to check the usage of water at individual homes.

Installing water meters to individual apartments can save wastage of water. We can save water every minute of each day.

For every apartment, there are separate electric consumption meters available. Likewise, it is important to measure water consumption for individual flats.

In most of the apartments, there were no separate water meters. In some apartments, there were more members. But in some, there were only two or three members. What happens if both use the same amount of water.

Also, is that fine to pay the same amount from both of them for water consumption? We can solve this by installing separate water meters for individual flats.

This also helps the flat owner to be cautious about water consumption. So with this simple method, we can make a big change in water consumption. This will help you with the availability of water too.


Wastewater Recycling Facility

As we are also aware that we have to think about an alternative source of water. For a smooth water supply at home, it is important. It is important because if there is any lack of availability of our primary resource.

Before you buy the home you have to ask about this. you can understand what are the alternatives they are having for water supply. If this helps smooth water supply at home.

Now, think about the wastewater recycling availability. It is not an alternative source of water supply at home. But it is an efficient method to reduce water consumption.

Best builders in Chennai are already applying this technique. Through this, you can use recycled water for non-potable uses. You can use recycled water for car washing, gardening and much more.

Wastewater recycling is an effective method of water-saving. This will also help you to reduce the wastage of water at your apartment. This will also help you with the smooth water supply at home.


Water-Saving Devices

Today, there are several water-saving devices available in the market. This will help you in the efficient use of water. This will help you to reduce your water consumption rate very low.

The best builders in Chennai guide you for this. They already have a tie-up with companies providing the best devices that save water. They will guide you to install that equipment at your home. This will help you save water. Saving water leads you to a smooth water supply at home.

There are many innovative products available in the market. They are also very simple to install at your pipes and bathroom. This will help you to save a great amount of water.

We are listing some of the good water-saving devices that you can use at your apartments.


  1. Hippo-Sized Flushes:

This device helps you to save a significant amount of water used to refill toilet tanks. The device installed inside the tank. Which constrains the full amount of water that the toilet uses for flushing. That never leads to any lack of performance.


  1. Control Shower Head:

The control shower head is very helpful for water management. It helps to reduce the consumption of water. Reduction in water consumption helps you with a smooth water supply at home.

This control shower flow device installed inside the wall behind the shower. This allows you to reduce water flow into any standard showerhead.

This device can save you plenty of water. So it will impact on total water usage. For kitchen sinks, similar alternative options are available in the market.

So these types of devices help you to reduce the wastage of water. This results in a huge amount of water conservation. All this leads to the smooth availability of water supply at home.


  1. Grey Out of the Box:

Most of the water goes down to the drain. Plenty of the amount is reusable. Most of the wastewater can be reused for non-potable uses.

For this purpose, we can use the ‘Grey out of the Box’ device for wastewater recycling. The installation amount may cause you to rethink it. But, the result will surprise you. A very large amount of water can be reused thus can save water. So, it is also helpful for the smooth availability of water supply at home.

A good builder in Chennai can offer you the wastewater recycling facility. So it is important to choose the right builder before you buy a home.

There are many more water-saving types of equipment available in the market. Which are very simple to install but gives you great results.

You have to think about these factors before you buy a home in a city like Chennai. The main thing is you have to approach the right builders in Chennai. They will guide you to the best



In this article, you have seen what all you have to be aware of about the water supply at home before you buy a home. From this, you can understand the most important thing which is the right builders.

If you are choosing the right builders there are many advantages. They are already aware of these things about water supply. They will guide you to buy your dream home.

Then, the most important thing is to consider saving water. The availability of water supply at home lies at your hand too. You already know the whole world is having a problem of water scarcity. So, if you never want to run out of the water at your home be cautious about the wastage of water.

So by saving water, we can have a good availability of water supply at home.

Before you buy a home, you have to be aware of the above thing for the smooth availability of water supply at home. For this, you have to find the right builders in Chennai like Shirdi Shelters.

We are aware of all about the things discussed above and can assure you never run out of the water at your home.

Save Water at Your Apartments

The Best Ways to Save Water for Your Apartments

Every time it is important to save water. Most of the residential hubs and apartments are facing the problem of water scarcity. Now, it is important to wash our hands and keep our body clean. But at the same time, we have to be aware of water. We already have a lack of resources for water.

So, it is our responsibility to conserve water. A city like Chennai needs plenty of water to use each day for different purposes. So, it is our responsibility to conserve water. People choose to stay in places with enough availability of water.

As always people choose prime spots like Medavakkam for living. Also, they will check the availability of water to choose their stay. Apartments offered by Shirdi Shelters gives you the best solution for this.

We all are aware of the water shortage in various parts of our country. We can help to conserve water for this problem. It is possible with the simple changes making in how we use water. Through this way, we can save a great amount of water each year. We can see some of the best tips to save water at your home or apartments.

Without a question, we can say water is very essential for each human being. The need for water increases day by day these days.  We know the water wastage is happening even without our knowledge.

We can see some of the best methods for using minimal water for our needs. You can practice these tips to save water at your apartments. This helps to reduce the recycling of water and we can conserve it for future use.

1. Try to Implement Rainwater Harvesting

One of the best water conservation methods is Rainwater harvesting. You can maintain a rainwater harvesting arrangement that can help you to save a good amount of water. Good residential hubs give you rainwater harvesting facilities. It helps you to recharge your bore well system too. Most of the apartments in Chennai now provide this facility.

2. Use Tippy Tap at Your House

A good method for saving water in your home or flats is to use a tippy tap for washing hands. It helps to use the least amount of water for handwashing. It also helps to improve hygiene. In a normal way, a tap flows out at least 500 ml of water when you open it. The same thing we do with a tippy tap: it uses only 70-80 ml of water when you open.

3. Fixing Leaks

It is important to save water. If you are staying at a good apartment or flats there will be a good maintenance team. If you have found any faulty faucet or pipe, you can inform that maintenance team.

It may be a small leakage like drops of water but it is very important. If a leak makes a drop of water wasted in each second it makes plenty of litres in a week.

So, leak fixing is important before we start to do any other water conservation idea. Flats offered by Shirdi Shelters having a good maintenance team for every apartment.

This helps you to save a good amount of water in your residing society.

4. Water Plants at Morning or Evening

It is a simple Technique for water conservation, a small science behind this. So, try to water your plants in the morning or in the evening.

At these times the temperature is low so there is less evaporation. So, when we water the plants during day time it causes huge evaporation and it leads to a huge water loss.

So better you should choose to water your plants in the morning or in the evening. It helps you to save water in a good amount.

Most of the apartments in Chennai appreciate indoor gardening. That will help the apartment to keep eco-friendly

5. Know Own Usage of Water

Many of the apartments in Chennai have a problem of unavailability of enough water. It will happen mostly during the summer.

Most of the apartments put high efforts to save water. So this job does not rely on the apartment maintenance team, but for each resident there.

So that we have to know how much we use water on a daily basis. If we know this we can save water easily by more precautions. For this, you can use a water meter.

It is difficult to maintain water at apartments which are in the prime locations in Chennai. But, Shirdi Shelters offers the best availability of water every time for residents. Most of our apartments in Chennai are at the prime locations like Medavakkam.

We assure no scarcity of water even in the summertime at our apartments.

6. Dual Flush Toilet

Dual flush toilets save water in a huge amount. An experienced or reputed builder aware of this thing. Installing a dual flush toilet in your apartment saves water more.

It is another simple but very effective water conservation method. The old system uses more than 14 litres in a single flush. This leads to a very huge water loss.

Now the dual flush system uses only 4-6 litres for a single flush. So it is important to notice this thing if you choose a house.

7. Recycling Wastewater

Wastewater recycling is now available and being popular. It is also a cost-effective and innovative method to save water.

Greywater recycling is a good option for recycling wastewater. Larger flats choose STPs for recycling methods. It appears to be a compulsory method for larger flats.

Now this water from STPs is used for gardening, toilet flushing and cleaning. So, for these types of needs, we don’t have to use freshwater. So, it is an efficient method to save water.

8. Minimal Flow Shower Heads

Using a showerhead with minimal flow helps you to save water. Installing a showerhead with minimal flow is an efficient method.

If you use a showerhead for taps in the kitchen and bathroom save 50% of water than usual. This is plenty when it comes to monthly usage.

So, we can say it is an efficient method to save water with a simple installation.

9. Use Brooms for Cleaning

Now, water conservation is not only the responsibility of the apartment maintenance team. Every resident has to take action on it. It will help you to save water.

Try to clean with brooms instead of using hose pipes. It is a responsibility for the family to reside in the apartment. Try to follow this and it helps the whole apartment to save water.

10. Wash Your Cars with Soapy Water

Washing your cars leads to wastage of plenty of water. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to wash your car. There is an efficient method to clean your car that helps to save water.

Use soapy water to clean your car. This helps you to save water. Use soapy water and use a clean cloth to wipe it out.

This method will help you to save water one to third of normal usage. So, do not waste much water for washing your car.

If your apartment has the facility to the car wash they will try to apply this. So, make sure you save water than the usual usage.

11. Awareness Classes to Save Water

If you are living in an apartment it is important to conduct awareness classes to save water. Because most of the people are not aware of these simple things that help us to save water at a huge amount.

So, try to conduct meetings to save water at your apartments. Try to apply each of the simple tips for each resident. That will make a huge change and help to save water.


We all know that it is important to save water. Water conservation helps us to protect and maintain drinking water resources.

This also helps to reduce pollution and save money. So try to practice the simple tips mentioned in this article. This will help your residential apartment to save water.

Also, choose the right builders to choose your home. They will also be aware of these things to save water. They advise the right things to do that save water at your apartment.

So, this thing is important in your social life too. Practising these simple things are the best contribution to the environment.